Costs and reimbursements

I am an indepentent therapist and do not have any contracts directly with insurance companies. Hoewever through my affiliation with Praktijk InTeam (PIT) I am, in some specific circumstances, able to offer therapy (specialistische GGZ) which may be (partially) covered by your health insurance.

Insurance coverage

Note that couples- or relationship therapy or therapy for occupational issues such as burnout are not normally covered under any health insurance policy.

In order for any therapy to be covered by an insurance policy you will need a referral (“verwijzing”) from your GP (“huisarts”). This referral must refer to a complex mental health problem as codified in the DSM (Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders – DSM-V) and must be presented during the intake. All costs usually come out of your policy’s excess first before being reimbursed. Insurance policies may differ in level of cover and mechanisms for reimbursement, so please contact your insurer before the intake.

How is insured therapy invoiced?

Before commencing therapy you will need to sign a deed of assignment (“acte van cessie”) which will allow PIT to declare the costs with your health insurance company. Your insurance company may not reimburse 100% of the costs, however we waive that part of the invoice not covered by your insurer. You are required to send us the reimbursement specification your will receive.

In case you are insured through Menzis or CZ

Unfortunately these companies no longer accept deeds of assignment (actes van cessie). What this means for you is the following:

After therapy is concluded you will receive the invoice from PIT directly. The invoice is calculated following guidelines set by the Nederlandse Zorg Autoriteit. We then ask you to declare the invoice with your insurance company. Depending on your insurer and on the specific policy the reimbursed amount may be less that 100% of the invoice, however, as before, you never pay more than the actual reimbursement received plus any policy excess (“eigen risico”) that may have been withheld.

What is the tariff for uninsured therapy?

Sessions last approximately 1 hour. Sessions are invoiced at € 95,00. You do not require a referral should you wish to pay for your therapy directly, however you will not normally be able to declare your invoices under your insurance policy. Also note that 21% VAT is mandatory and will be added to the hourly rate for coaching, couples therapy and commercial services.

If you wish to make an appointment please use the following contact form. The contact page will also inform you of the current waiting time for taking on new clients. All queries are normally answered within 2 working days.

How will you be invoiced?

At the end of the month you will receive an invoice with all session held during that month. Payment details will be listed on the invoice.