Do you ever get stuck in your relationship, at work or in your day to day life? Everyone would like to live a full life that is worthwhile and fullfilling, but sometimes things are just not going your way. When the going gets rough it is a sign of strenght to ask for help. And when the trouble comes from relationships, stress or trauma then the logical next step is one to a psychologist.

At Psychology Practice Pizarro we have the right professional training and clinical skills to help you cope better with life issues and mental health problems. With you at the centre we will work together to enable you to manage your problems and where possible to resolve them.

Some of the questions and problems that Psychology Practice Pizarro can help you with:



Relationship therapy

Caring for parents / family

Pregnancy and childbirth

Mourning the loss of a loved one


Trauma / EMDR

Chronic illnesses

Life issues